Ladder of Kotor, Kotor, Montenegro

Sea level to 940m and back down again in a day.

The Ladder of Kotor, also known as the Ladder of Cattaro, Kotor’s Venetian name, is an old military trail, built by the industrious Austrians who built many of Montenegro’s roads. The road connected [Kotor] and Montenegro’s royal capital, [Cetinje] and was used by families bringing their produce to sell at the market in Kotor.

Ladder of Kotor trail map.

A stunning trail and one of my most technically challenging captures to date. Constrained by limited camera and phone memory storage I had to press on up the steady zigzag gradient at a pace having around 3 1/2 hours max capture time. I had to stop every 15 to 20 minutes to transfer from camera to phone.

The trail starts here to the right of the white gates along side the river Scurda.

Just a short distance, the path crosses the river.

A gentle incline before another small bridge and the gradient increases.

The zigzag switch backs begin.

Progressing a little further up the trail - Lower section.

Mid section

Higher section - It got very steep in places.

Nearly at the top where the trail meets the P1 road by the zipwire.

We headed back down via the Old Town Road - and yes we had to climb through the hole in the wall!

And past the Church of Our Lady of Remedy

And back through the narrow Venetian streets into Kotor.

It was a long day, but we did enjoy a welcome lunch at the Konoba Krstac cafe/restaurant in Njeguši at the top before heading back down to Kotor.

Wow! Brilliant work @JimGayes360.

What camera were you using?


I used my trusty old Theta V in conjunction with the GSV app on my phone. I actually used 2 phones that day, when I’d filled the memory on mine I switched to using my partner’s phone. It took quite a while to publish all the clips when we returned to the UK.

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