Issues with uploading Pilot One 360 photos to Facebook

I am trying to upload some 360’s to Facebook using a new Pilot Era camera.

The problem is the images are uploading as ‘normal photos’ not 360 images.

What’s the workflow to get a spherical image out to Facebook?

I’ve got into the One app , downloaded to local gallery, then save to album. Which gets it to my iphones photos app.

Facebook doesn’t see it as 360 though.

I suspect it’s because of the [XMP] Projection Type tag.

Read the section ‘There are two sets of metadata tags Facebook looks for to determine whether a photo is in 360:’

You must ensure the projectiontype=equirectangular in image metadata.

I explain a bit more here:

ExifToolGUI will help you add this manually without any technical knowledge required:

@HappyMapper, you are mixing up the Era and One cameras in your writing. In practice they are the same. I guess your iPhone uploading is stripping the relevant Gpano meta-data tagging. You can fix it with Exif Fixer, but you better check the settings of your iPhone or upload from the Pilot to Facebook instead.

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