Is LiDaR at a point where it can be used by prosumers?

I’m starting to look at LiDaR with increasing excitement as prices for scanners drop.

Seems mid-market scanners can be picked up below $1000 today.

My question is; what tools do people use to get value from LiDaR data?

I get the value of the data a scanner produces, but I’m having a hard time finding tools that can make sense of the data in the output to harness this value (beyond point clouds).

Some of the ideas I’ve had involve mixing LiDaR data with camera imagery for 3D reconstructions and object analysis (e.g. analysing the quality of a road).

As a newbie to the industry, I’m wondering what free and/or commercial tools exist for similar use-cases for this type of analysis? I’m sure they must exists, I’m just putting the wrong queries into Google :slight_smile:

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There are a growing number of ‘free’ LiDaR data repositories you can use for test data. Some I’ve found…

With regards to analysis, have you seen Potree?

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