Is it possible to make Street View photos private?

I run a small business taking photos of outdoor venues (e.g. gardens, theme parks, etc.).

Generally clients want the captured 360s on Street View.

Currently before I publish I send the photo files to the client. However, this is problematic mainly because 1) they are not on a map and do not show how it will look on Street View, 2) requires the client to download a 360 viewer (which can be a technical challenge at times!).

I was wondering if there was a way to upload the photos to Street View but not make them visible to everyone. Kind of like the file sharing settings in Google Docs (e.g. only share with person x, or make visible via this link…).

Is this possible in Street View? I use the Street View app, and it seems that once uploaded, they will always be public.

Nope. This feature doesn’t exist in Street View. Once a photo is explicitly published from your device, it’s public. When it’s on your device, only you can see it.

There could be a few ways around this. You could use a 360 image hosting platform (e.g to show photos to the client privately before upload which would avoid them having to download anything.

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I was going to suggest Mapillary, but it looks like they’ve now removed the option for teams to keep their imagery private.

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