Is it possible to capture 2 separate photos with GoPro MAX?

hi guys,

can GoPro Max take photos as separately [by lenses] like as Fusion and save these on memory or can be just deliver as stitched?

The MAX has in-camera stitching capability. Spherical photos are always stitched in the camera and then saved to the SD card (why the camera has 1 SD card slot, vs. Fusion 2 SD card slots).

It is not possible to get a separate front and back image from the camera.

Slightly confusingly, in Hero mode, the camera will allow you to take a traditional photo using either the front OR rear lens (but not both at the same time).

Thanks @dgreenwood-trekview

OK so this rules out the MAX for my needs (photogrammetry and not photography). Probably I will stick with the Fusion then.

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