Is anyone using a Kandao Qoocam?

I’ve been flirting with buying a Qoocam to test. From online research…

The good:

  • great image quality on paper (8K)
  • reasonable price ($600 USD)
  • a fairly reputable brand
  • GSV compatible

The not so good:

  • gps data from connected phone
  • unclear if capable of sequence shooting
  • early image samples don’t show much of an edge over Theta Z1, for example

Hoping somebody in the community gets one and can provide more details. says “Time lapse photo” under photo mode, so I assume it does sequence shooting. The big question is how fast, for both jpg and 16 bit DNG.

I have had my Qoocam 8K for several weeks now. This is a camera with lots of potential but I am not sure it will live up to the hype.

  • Image quality is not as good as Z1. I will upload images/video in the coming days.
  • Price is very good.
  • Good brand
  • GSV compatible means you can upload one pano to Google Maps. This is not SV compatibility to me.

My aim is to use this for SV work and to this end I am experimenting with timelapse mode at 2 second intervals (smallest interval). Qoocam smartphone app on both IOS and android has poor GPS precision so I am using an external GPS tracker for injecting exif into the imported photos. Kandao studio, which is the stitching s/w wreaks havoc with the exif timestamp data which further complicates injecting the eternal gpx data. PTGui is looking to be a promising product that maintains exif data and enables batch stitching and nadir processing. More to come. Happy to answer any questions.

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This weekend I mounted my Qoocam 8K on my bicycle helmet and headed down a local rail trail.

  • I set the camera to a two second time-lapse and auto using the Qoocam app on my iPhone. I also enabled both dng and jpg capture which is pretty impressive at a 2 second interval. I believe my Z1 takes six seconds to shoot dng.

  • Used gaia gps app to record my gps tracks.

After 90 minutes of recording the battery was dead. I was really quite impressed with the battery life as the temperature outside was hovering just above zero centrigade. The camera was also connected to the phone via wifi for no reason other than using the Qoocam app. I will try a wifi-free approach in the future to see impact on battery performance.

I modified and streamlined my post workflow which is still evolving. I used the Qoocam). I am having some difficulties injecting the gps data from my tracks. It seems like some s/w sees the gps exif and others do not. Still working on this.

Here are some sample images and videos promised (video still uploading :slight_smile:

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I was seriously considering the QooCam, but dicided to not buy it after reading all sorts of trouble with software and heat problems of the unit (so I think those zero degrees C were a blessing for your camera)

I am for now sticking to my YI360 (5.7 k camera, nice hardware, nice price, also not so great software, but I am a programmer so partially I can work around that :wink: )

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