Is anyone shooting Street View panoramas with a DSLR camera?

Does anyone use a higher end, newer tech DSLR for your street view pans? If so, what lens and tripod head do you use?

Use any lens, with an 8mm fisheye you will only need 4 images per pano, with a 50mm you will probably need 8 -10 images per pano, as for heads, NodalNinja is the go to head although less expensive heads are available, just make sure to calibrate everything.

I am shooting with a Sony A9 and with a 12mm fisheye

You can get more coverage from fewer shots with the camera angled so the corner to corner of thesensor is diagonal which will help seal the zenith and nadir but you’ll need PTgui to stitch it. Check out the p4slant to find out more about the approach.`

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