Integration between Map the Paths Uploader and Open Trail View

I see there are integrations with Mapillary and Google Street View.

Is an integration with Open Trail View ( on the roadmap?

I’m sure @nickw (creator of OTV) could come up with a solution using:


@jcosgrove OpenTrailVIew already has an OAuth2 API, so it is certainly possible. Will add it to the mapthepaths uploader if I have a moment, though time is quite tight right now. @dgreenwood-trekview is this something you can add yourself? (I ask as I have limited time right now). The OAuth2 API is much as it was before.

Is the OTV API documented anywhere @nickw? I can take a look with some help.

@jcosgrove I’ll put together some docs. Hopefully later today, if not, the next couple of days.

Basically it’s a (hopefully) standards-compliant OAuth2 server, built using The PHP League’s OAuth2 Server so the standard OAuth2 flow should work.

In the meantime, while I prepare the docs, you can look here for the available endpoints. All endpoints should be preceded by

@jcosgrove (and indeed anyone else who may be interested) - I have now put together some rough-and-ready docs for the OTV API.


They are quite terse but give you all the info you need to know for building an OAuth2 client, including API endpoints, HTTP methods, POST params required and return codes, as well as how to register your app and receive a client ID/secret.

… sorry if you’ve tried viewing the API docs over the past few days and it didn’t work. I unintentionally broke something when refactoring some code. It’s fixed now.

Locking this thread, having logged this as a feature request on GitHub here:

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