Insta360 PRO

Just wanted to share… it has (already) been an extremely hectic year for me, so I decided I have earned a bonus :wink:

On monday I’ll pick up my new second hand Insta 360 PRO:

I have been debating which one I’dd want… I’ve been drooling on the idea of owning an Insta Titan… but it’s just too expensive… Also I’ve been thinking about the Qoocam… but the temperature problems, software imperfections and quality difference between the Qoocam and the Insta Pro stopped me…

In the past I’ve bought the LG 360, an “el cheapo” camera… nice to have for some first testing for 360… but the quality is moderate at best. I now use the YI360… it’s a nice camera, but the resolution and color quality isn’t on the standard I’dd like to work for my project…

So I stumbled upon this second hand INSTA 360 pro… I can buy it for less then half the value it costs new with the GPS dongle and an extra battery… I just couldn’t resist :wink:

Can’t wait to test it :smiley:


Haha! Congratulations on a hard year of work.

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Beautiful. So where is going to be it’s first test?

Where? The place that triggered the whole thing about ‘GeoArchive’ about 3 years ago… the place I truly dare to call home, ‘my’ village :slight_smile:


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