Image denoising, sharpening and otherwise improving quality before publishing

I am curious to know if and how others are pre-processing their images before publishing.

Here is my experience but would love to hear from you.

Topaz Labs - I mostly use Topaz Denoise and also Topaz Gigapixel with their auto-settings to batch process photos.

Mapillary seems to reject photos that are enlarged using Gigapixel but has no problems with Topaz Denoised photos. Google seems to be okay with any of these formats.

What other software are you using to improve your images and what are your likes and dislikes…

Cheers and thanks :slight_smile:

I am not bothering with post processing for mapping. Actually, don’t like it anyway.

Can you show us some before / after examples @chelseabrian?

Here are some samples published through marzipano which may affect the image quality.

Just a question on Topaz Gigapixel (

Why would you want to enlarge your photo before upload to GSV/Mapillary @chelseabrian?

I use Gigapixel mostly when photo resolution is below 8K and I want to optimize image quality. I use it to increase the resolution, reduce the noise, increase the sharpness and overall quality. I just in fact used it to process approximately 13 000 panos taken with a GoPro max in timelapse mode. Each pano took ~2 minutes to process. You can do the math if you like :). What I really like is that it takes the guesswork out of manually adjusting photos and allows batch-mode processing. I know that Topaz Denoise is also very popular with 360 photographers as many 360 cameras have significant noise.

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