How to share 360 photos as non-360 photos?

I’ve seen some people turn 360 photos into non-360’s (taking a snapshot of part of the image).

You can crop in Photoshop, but you get a distorted as 360. Is there a way to “flatten” the 360 to share as photo?

It’s a bit getting used to… but Hugin can do this for you!

Take a look at this instruction:

I have had a discussion on Mapillary that might be interesting to read also:

A lot of 360 camera manufacturers software allow you to take grabs of your photos.

In GoPro Player you can use the Export option

In the Insta360 Studio it’s done by selecting snapshot and then normal view

I’m sure most other manufacturers’ software will have similar functionality too, albeit likely called something else to be confusing!

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