How to get back to Tour from Sequence?

Am I overlooking something?

This is something I’ve been thinking about recently, because I’m not 100% happy with the current implementation.

As it stands, you can either

  1. Click the back button to return to tour list (but only works well if you have not clicked through any other images in the tour.
  2. As shown above, click the tours button, but this brings you back to a filter tour list (tours that sequence belongs too, because sequence can belong to more than one tour).

Maybe it would be more user friendly to list the tours that a sequence belongs to in the sidebar, so that a user can quickly click to a specific tour page? What do you think @OmniSynThesis360VR?

Hey @OmniSynThesis360VR

We’ve pushed some improvements around tour navigation.

The map now shows other images in the tour (that belong to other sequences) as yellow. The current sequence in view is green. Other imported images (not related to tour) are shown as grey.

The sidebar now shows the full tour context, allowing you to quickly jump between other sequences in tour.

What do you thinks? cc: @chelseabrian

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Looks good @dgreenwood-trekview.

Uh, while I am signed-in, this is not what I see.

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