How many times to take photos of the same road?

My way of mapping is typically to take a detour, whenever I’m going somewhere. This means that I end up having “hotspots” around typical points of departure/arrival, i.e. my home, my workplace, etc.

So questions is, how many times do we want to take the same road? Should i avoid having the same stretches photographed over and over? - OR, should I just let the camera run?

My “project” is to cover my home town in its entirety, but when are we “done”, when I’ve taken every street once? Or when it’s been taken in both directions? Or maybe, when it has been done at least n times, in order to stitch pictures together properly?

What camera are you using?
What platform are you using?
How often do things change what you are covering (again)?

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Mapillary and Google Maps Street View have no guidelines on this. The more material, the better quality and the more recent, the better it is for them.

Google does have some guidance, which can be summarised as; make sure you’re sequences overlap when you stop/start the camera.

If you’re just capturing roads for GSV or Mapillary, just do it once. Pick a quite time (e.g. avoiding rush hour).
Use a 360 camera and you’ll get front and back automatically.

Of course, on dual lane roads, you’ll probably miss some stuff, but having something is better than nothing. Once you have the first captures, you can prioritise these problems (you’ll probably discover many more during capture).

The only real need for capturing more than once (that I see) is in a busy city where big objects (buses, lorries, etc) can obscure significant parts of the image. Or in situations where a more methodical capture is required (e.g. for research projects).

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