How do you publish a MTP published tour to Google Street View

How do you publish a MTP published tour to Google Street View. In my case I uploaded 2 sequences from Mapillary and then created and published my “Houses Grove Forest Preserve” tour. I’ve checked the doc and it shows publishing to GSV from the MTP Uploader. I opened MTP Uploader and my sequences/tour I uploaded from Mapillary are not there and refreshing just puts the app into a loop that never ends.

Is it true that since I uploaded from Mapillary, I cannot publish to GSV? After the MTP Uploader is updated to resolve an error I now get, I’ll try the same thing by uploading using the MTP Uploader and not Mapillary.

Hi @mikejbb!

Firstly, thanks for being patient with this beta release of MTP Uploader – your feedback is really helpful.

So MTP Uploader does not sync with MTP Web. Think of it as a one way uploader at the time of writing.

The reason for this is due to the image processing done by Mapillary. Importing tours from Mapillary to MTP Web, then to Street View will result in lower image quality on Street View (and Mapillary branded).

The alternative workaround is to use MTPU to upload the images to Street View only, assuming you still have a copy of said images/videos you’re trying to add to Street View.

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