How do I score points on the Map the Paths leaderboard?

I really like the leader board on Map the Paths. I have one question about it: is it based on upload date or capture date of imagery?

For example, is it possible to ‘cheat’ by uploading all my imagery in one month, even if it spanned multiple months?

Haha, no you can’t cheat :slight_smile: All dates are based on capture date.

For the upload leaderboard, one point is awarded for every photo captured in the selected month. The upload date has no influence.

Similarly, for viewpoints the time selector restricts the results to photos taken in the selected time NOT when viewpoint was assigned. The count of viewpoints for a photo will remain the same whatever the time period selected.

Hope that clears it up – I look forward to seeing you at the top of this months leaderboard @cannondale :slight_smile:

Easy to tweak capture date.

OK, fair enough. People will always find ways around the rules. I’m not sure it’s really worth the effort to top the MTP leaderboard though @OmniSynThesis360VR :slight_smile:

True, @dgreenwood-trekview, I won’t. as I am intrinsically motivated and do not care for any points, but there are plenty of people who will strive for the points, for whom quality is not of prime importance. Over a decade I have seen plenty of it with Google Map Maker, Street View and so on. It is why I dislike gamification very much. In this case it is truely very easy to change the date taken of thousands of pics in 1 click.

We’ve just added distance and view point leaderboards to give different measures for scoring, in addition to uploads.

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