How do I copyright my images using the EXIF data?

I was looking at some of the metadata in my 360 images using a tool called Exif Editor and noticed a copyright field in the images (it is blank for all my 360’s).

What is the implication of uploading photos to Street View without this. I assume I’ll still hold the copyright?

Secondly, how can I add my name to this field for all my images (10,000+)? Exif Editor seems rather expensive for just this purpose.

Firstly, regardless of whether the field is empty you will always hold copyright to your photos (unless you sell it to someone).

This field can be useful in promoting your work, for example, you might want to put your email in the copyright field for anyone who stumbles across it and is interested in licensing it.

If you’re not technical and can afford it, I’d take the $30 hit for Exif Editor on Windows (If you have a spare Mac, use it on that – the license is much cheaper). I can’t recommend any free graphical tools that can do this – perhaps someone else on the forum can?

Alternatively, you can use Exif Tool to do this programatically if you’re comfortable with the command line.

For example, this command will add Artist, Copyright, and UserComment fields into every image in the directory you’re currently in on the command line (this is how we tag our photos).

exiftool -Artist="Trek View" -Copyright="Trek View" -UserComment="Please contact if you want to use this photograph commercially." .

Hope this helps!

hmm. I got exiftool to work, but here is the command I run on Windows CMD

exiftool-Copyright="Dan Barker" .

and the response I get is

1 directories scanned
0 image files read

There are lots of subfolders in the folder I am running the command from (Pictures) but none of the photos in these subfolders actually have the metadata (Copyright) updated. What am I missing?

You can fix this by running:

exiftool-Copyright="Dan Barker" . -r

The -r is essentially saying recursively tag every single file in the sub directories with this copyright tag.

I STRESS: Every. Single. File. Therefore, make sure the folder you’re running it from only contains the photos you want to update.

Use GeoSetter, a lot easier.

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