How do I become Google Street View "Trusted Pro"?

I have started a small business capturing 360 images.

A little bit of research turned up the Street View Trusted Pros website:

How do I get my name and contact details on this list. This would be incredibly useful in generating new business.

Hey @aklantak,

You are eligible to become a trusted pro after you publish 50 360 photos on Google Maps.

It’s important that your images meet Google’s publishing criteria and policies otherwise they won’t be published to the map or count towards your trusted status.

Were you planning on publishing your photos to Google Maps / Street View?

I use the Street View app for my Android phone. I actually have had 73 photos (all 360s) published for the last month, but still no badge…

I forgot to mention one critical step, you need to activate the ‘Available for Hire’ setting.

The process has a human review step, then an email will be sent to you if you pass that step. Make sure you check your inbox for a welcome email and further instructions of how to proceed.

As a step one I activate the ‘Available for Hire’ button on the street view app. However when I go back to the profile, it still shows ‘not available for hire’. When I go back to the setting I find the button deactivated. Also I have not received the invitation link which I should receive for the next step. When I go back to the setting I find the button deactivated. Have tried the process many times but no luck. Please guide me.

Actually I just received the email, it read…


You’ve met the requirement to be trusted by Google Street View. Based on your expressed interest from the Street View app, you’ll be recognised in our Street View products as a trusted professional for hire – an excellent way to gain credibility and access to exclusive leads, while helping others explore the world.

Along with the trusted badge, you also have the opportunity to be listed in the online trusted index where businesses seek out local photography providers. To be added to the online index and access your badge, make sure that you complete [this form]REMOVED.

Also, take a look at guidelines and resources for sales and branding where you’ll find best practices for engaging with clients as well as helpful tools to close and commemorate new deals.

If you have questions, visit the Help Centre and the Local Guides community. Once you’ve activated your trusted badge and you’ve registered on the Local Guides forum, you’ll have access to a private Street View trusted community, where you can connect with other trusted photographers.

We look forward to the success that awaits you!

The Google Street View team

However when I click the link, redacted from this post, I get the message…

The Street View trusted program is currently under revamp which also includes our sign up process. At present, we are not accepting any new applications through this form. Once the new program is officially launched, our team will inform you via email.

In this transitional period, you will see the trusted badge on your profile in the Street View app but won’t be able to get yourself listed on the for-hire index, update your contact information if you’re already listed, or download the trusted badge from our website.

If you wish to remove your contact information from our for-hire index entirely, or opt-out from the program, please reach out to our team through the Street View Discussion board on Local Guides Connect or through this form:

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on bringing you the new Street View trusted program!

Does anyone have more information about when the new Google Street View Trusted Pro’s will relaunch?

I heard (second hand) that at the last SV conference the Google team talked about turning Street View Trusted into a more tiered system (similar to Local Guides) where instead of just needing 50 panos, there will now be levels based on submissions (quality and quantity), with more perks, the higher your level. I also recall said person mentioning there would be some sort of distinction between look inside / outdoor photographers (maybe different badges, like local guides).

New entry to the old GSV program is closed since Sep 2019. They intended to launch the new program before year end 2019, but that has been postponed to 2021.

I will take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the new Map the Paths Marketplace:

Not quite GSV Trusted, but the aim is to help you find 360 mapping jobs as a photographer.

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