Hi, I'm Nick Whitelegg (Southampton, UK)

Hi, sorry for the late post - I’ve been on this forum a couple of weeks but only just seen this.

Anyway, I’m the developer of OpenTrailView (OTV; opentrailview.org), a completely free and open source project to collect 360 imagery of paths. I first spoke to Dave more than a year ago thanks to our shared interest in capturing 360 panoramas of footpaths, and the plan is for TrekView to offer uploads to OTV as well as Mapillary and StreetView.

I’ve captured imagery of the New Forest and my local countryside as well as a few more distant locations, and am hosting some of Dave’s panos of the South Downs Way too.

As well as path mapping, like Eesger I an very enthusiastic about helping to develop a completely FOSS alternative to Mapillary to cover more general cases including highways.

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Welcome @nickw – I’m super excited with some of the integrations in the pipeline with OTV. It’s an awesome project. See you in September at the pano party!

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Hi Nick,
and welcome on board!!

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Hello Federico, thanks!

Hello Dave, that’s great! Hopefully see you Sep 13 (as I said there’s a small chance I’ll be away but probably not - and I will advertise on OSM mailing list today!)

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