Hi, I'm Jim Gayes from Chester UK

I started capturing my first 360 panos when it was 1st released as a feature on my then phone at the time Google Nexus 4.
I was in the tourism industry at the time owning a self catering holiday property in Mid Wales where nobody has heard of.
I attended a tourism seminar around 2008 where one of the guest speakers was from Google maps and I first became aware of the ability to be able to map trails using the Google Trekker backpack.
That was the day I had my lightbulb moment and realised the full potential for GSV imagery within the tourism industry.
I purchased a Theta V just a few weeks before Google launched their blue line video capture mode for the V and from the day after I have been making captures of mainly paths and trails across several European countries along with other unusual large outside space locations.
I started as a hobby and Iā€™m looking to turning it into a business.

So hello to all from (today only probably) sunny Chester. :grinning:

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