Hi, I'm Eesger Toering


I’m Eesger Toering, have my own IT company (for over 20 years now) and in my search for “Google alternatives” I stumbled upon OSM about a decade ago. Now I never use GMaps anymore. A few years I discovered Mapillary and bought a second hand LG360 and did some testing… I got more confident and have bought a YI360. My plan is to make my home village the first village in The Netherlands (maybe the world?) that can show you every road, every bicycle path, every footpath (and more). More complete that G-Streetview…

And then (maybe a bit sooner ;), then I’m going to work on a project to implement it, with OSM, with historic data of my village and create a platform where you can travel through time in my village!

First I wanted to do this with Mapillary… now they are part of Facebook… privacy is an issue… so I do not want Mapillary anymore to be a part of my project…

I have spoken/ written to several people and to give the whole thing more form I set up a simple forum, please take read for the basics of my plan:


Want to know more? Ask! The basic idea is as simple as it is beautiful. Are you a developer? Want to help? I talk faster then I can write (and I can type pretty fast :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m full with ideas… but so little time… if you have the time to brainstorm to realy get a good idea where I see this going, let me know :slight_smile:

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Hi @Eesger,

As you know, we’re really interested about what you’re working on.

There are open-source dev’s in the forum who actively contribute to our work – perhaps you could share some more details about your plans here for our community to take a look at?

And you should check out this thread too: An open-source street-level mapping platform. Viable?

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Ah, I have wandered around the forum a bit, but hadn’t found that thread, I’ll read!

PS: I’m the same guy starting the "mapillary 2.0 subject at the Mapillary forum :wink: "

Any update on the OpenWanderer project @Eesger @nickw?

Have done some initial experiments so far on a JavaScript API, a back-end (cut-down version of OpenTrailView) and some experiments with face detection and blurring. For the latter the best I’ve found so far has been this;

It was suggested to me on the OSM mailing-list. This works very nicely and blurs cars and people in most cases; it does take longer than some of the other options (5 mins per pano) as it segments the pano into tiles and then blurs each tile. For some panos I find I then need to perform a second blurring with the understand-ai anonymizer tool.

OpenWanderer, thus far, is on GitHub at https://github.com/openwanderer/. An immediate aim is to add the facility to create and navigate standard pano sequences, as well as the connected-by-OSM-data panos that OTV has at the moment.

Incidentally I think we should have a sub-forum on face/car detection and privacy issues where people can discuss different algorithms and libraries, as well as the legal issues. @dgreenwood-trekview sounds a good idea?

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