Help me to helps Zanzibar team!

In May 2019 I created the #ProjectZanzibar to gives the Street View, for free, to the nation of Zanzibar, in East Africa.
The scope of the project is not just to map the country, but to train a local team to let them keep the project live, virtually forever.
We teach them how to map the roads, but also how to do businesses in order to give them a job. We also donate several cameras and equipment to make it possible.
A few weeks ago, the local team broke the last camera they have to map interiors, and that why I’m here asking your help to collect a few bucks to buy them a new one.
Here our video about the project and here the Google s one

If you can, please donate, even just €1 can help, but also sharing is a great help for us!

Thank you from me and the Zanzibar’s local team


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