Hello. I think I can introduce myself now

I take pictures under Standbild360 nickname. I am a total amateur and photography is a new challenge for me. I have been taking pictures since 2018 when I went on vacation to Croatia. I was amazed that there are no pictures of the beaches where I wanted to go. Lack of knowledge of English makes it very difficult for me to learn how to process photographs, but I manage with a translator and my daughter’s help :slight_smile: I’m active, despite being seriously ill and until my existence is over, I want to take some more pictures :wink: So far I’ve uploaded some pictures to Trek View, but technical issues and weather conditions have slowed me down a bit. I am currently taking pictures with Pilot One. So far, I have placed about 1000 km in Google Maps, Mapillary about 300, mainly from a car and pontoon, which I towed to swim on SuP.I take pictures mostly in Italy, Austria, Germany and Poland. I think that’s all I can write about myself today.


Welcome @Standbild360.

1000km is quite an effort, nice work.

which I towed to swim on SuP

I saw these on Map the Paths!


This is so cool!

Sorry to hear about your illness, but it’s great to hear you’re still getting out! I can’t wait to see the images you share next. So far I really enjoyed them – thank you!

Good evening. I made these 1000 km by car. I sailed a total of about 50-70 sea miles to SUP. A lot is on Google. I had a disk failure and a lot of data was lost. I hope I can still improve some routes. I hope that I can still show some more places to others.

I love taking pictures from the car, because I always encounter funny situations: https://goo.gl/maps/RNFJq9FqVk9MQy1a9 and sometimes a bit of adrenaline: https://goo.gl/maps/Cz8hDX6cysBSAPw86 As long as I have strength, I also walk in the mountains: https://goo.gl/maps/gmzYSFXYh4zXLtK86

@Standbild360 Hello

Pilot One EE I take?

Those Mapillary 300 are part of the GSV 1000? The anything holding you back to post the other 700 to Mapillary?

Not yet version 1.0 :slight_smile:
Pilot One EE has arrived today :slight_smile:
After coming back from Croatia, there was a power failure and the SSD gave up. I threw into GSV directly from the camera. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to bring it through a great Dean program :frowning:
I think maybe I can do it if my health allows me to put some more pictures here. On Mapillary is about 200-300 km. Mainly Germany-Bavaria around Landshut and some Croatia - Zadar and higher towards Slovenia - Senj. A lot of GSV has hidden me the blue routes, but as you enter for example the road N15 it is all photographed. So I am, but I am not there :slight_smile: Maplillary.app Turn on the 360 degree filter and I will appear to the world :slight_smile:

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