Hardware / Camera rental uptake and examples?

Wondering how much up take there has been in renting 360 cameras / dashcams and any examples?

The OSMUK team loan out cameras:


Prices are good. Not sure how successful it has been.

Rental is big business in the movie industry for 360 cams. I’ve seen plenty of shop renting Insta360 Gear… a simple Google result will return lots of results.

An Insta360 Titan will set you back $832 for 7 days…


Honestly, at the mid-range mark (up to $2k), especially for mapping work, I’m not sure there’s much of a market.

Perhaps there is some opportunity to rent GPS gear alone :slight_smile:

cc @chelseabrian

I will reach out to the company this week and report back. Perhaps they have a loaner for testing.

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