GSV2JPG conversion tool

I have heard about a GSV2JPG script used to convert videos to upload to Mapillary. Does anyone have any more information, or a link to where I can download it?

Have you ever wanted to use the Google Street Views you have captured in Video mode for other purposes?

Here’s an easy to use tool that will extract the video frames to a series of JPG files including the GPS and 360 metadata. The files can be uploaded to Mapillary, used to create tours with Pano2VR, or used for other purposes. This tool was originally developed for the Pilot Era camera. GSVs captured in Video mode with other cameras should also work but have have not had a lot of testing. Some GSV videos from the Insta360 Pro and Pro 2 have been tested. I’m now making the tool available for others to test and use. The tool is currently available for Windows 10. Please see the Readme.txt file for additional information. Thank you.

It’s created by Dean Zwikel (and he’s done a great job with it).

You can grab the download link here:

I hope he open sources his work one day – I’d love to see how the script works! It could help us really improve the Map the Paths Uploader!

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