GPS signal underwater

Last week I asked a question about using a GoPro MAX underwater: Underwater With GoPro MAX

I’m a grad student studying freshwater habitats and I’m using a GoPro MAX to record and analyse lakes.

As GPS information is really important to me (the end goal would be to make some habitat maps), I would like to know if the Lat and Lon generated by the camera was accurate considering that it is 1 meter underwater.

I was able to extract a csv file of the coordinates for each second of the recording, but the points seem to be plotted randomly and don’t correspond to our route… Would it be safer to use a separate GPS?

Also, I would be interested in knowing what is the coordinate reference system that the camera uses when it generates the coordinates.

GPS is all but useless underwater, even at shallow depths.

You’re going to need a separate GPS logging device on the surface to record a track @cannondale… or some very expensive dive positioning systems (probably overkill for your requirements).

The advantage of a using separate GPS device is accuracy. The Fusion’s GPS is OK, but even a fairly cheap GPS tracker with a good chip can offer a significant bump in accuracy (lots of good recommendations online).

Once you have the images and GPS track you can use geotagging software to add the GPS track to the images/video.

Have a read of this post, it describes the basic setup we use for underwater shooting – I’m sure you could improve on it!

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