GoPro MAX, 360 Video/Photo and GPS


I need some help with a new GoPro MAX that I have just purchased.

I took it out today as a replacement for my GoPro Fusion for capturing Street View footage.

When I got home to check the photos (captured in timelapse mode), no photo had any GPS recorded – despite the camera showing the GPS as on. I tried again in video mode and same result.

Reading the manual and other forum posts I am now completely confused. Some people have commented that GPS only works in single camera (Hero) mode.

Surely that can’t be correct for a 360 camera? Can anyone help clear that up? Seriously hoping it is not the case as I purchased the MAX as an all-in-one device for Street View capture.

Welcome to the forum @thibault!

From what I’ve read, my understanding is the MAX is neither a Fusion replacement (positioned as more of a normal GoPro with optional 360) nor a successor (lower image resolution, and even the model code only got bumped from CHDHZ-103 to 201).

It appears GPS can only be used to be “Hero-mode only”, so just for mono-lens capture, unlike the Fusion which supported GPS across all 360 modes. This seems a weird limitation, and I’ve asked on the GoPro support forum for more info about this (no response yet).

Sorry to add some more bad news, but I’ve also seen some reviews about issues with horizon levelling with the MAX too. Whilst it’s a pain to do this manually in Fusion Studio, at least the option exists to correct this pre-stitch on the Fusion. That said, if you’ve mounted the camera on top of a car (vs a helmet, etc.), this should not be as much of a problem.

In short, I think it might have been better to have held onto the Fusion for Street View capture, at least with the current version of MAX firmware/software available. Perhaps you still have time to return the MAX?

Update; the MAX can indeed shoot video and timelapse in 360 mode with embedded GPS.

Thanks to Gez Rozendom for the samples!

So @thibault, back to your issue; have you managed to fix this? If not, can you share the steps you took to enable the GPS?

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