GoPro Fusion adobe plugin issue. Footage not 360


I’m trying to edit my footage using premiere and everything seems okay, until I apply the reframe effect. It’s not giving me the actual 360 options. I am using the most recent version of adobe. Also, I’ve tried importing the files multiple ways and rendering it different ways. Nothing seems to work. I’m ready to give up and get rid of this thing. Can anyone help?


So looking at the screen shot you posted, all the 360 reframe controls are right there. FOV, YAW, PITCH, ROLL, SMOOTH TRANSITION.

Are you familiar with how the reframe plugin works and the workflow setup for working with the GoPro footage?

1: Record footage with GoPro Fusion Camera.
2: Stitch footage together into 360 degree footage using GoPro Fusion Studio.
3: Import stitched 360 degree footage into Adobe Premier Pro and use the reframe plug in to adjust FOV, YAW, PITCH and ROLL using keyframes.

Or is the issue that the plugin is not responding in Adobe Premier? If this is the case then it’s likely you’re not using the latest plugin. The plugin found in GoPro Fusion Studio 1.3 only works with Adobe Premier 2018. If you download Fusion Studio 1.4, the plugin is not automatically installed. You have to download the plugin separately for Adobe 2019 compatibility. Here’s the link to the files below.

If you’re still having issues, please post the exact issue that you’re having and include screen shots and video too as this may help us solve your issue.

Thank you for the response. I do see the plugin as you mentioned (FOV, YAW, ETC…) and they work to an extent. If you look at the screenshot of my footage, you can see that it almost looks spliced. When I try to adjust the settings (FOV, YAW, ETC), it’s not giving me the 360 view. It’s only adjusting the angle or view that I stitched in the gopro app. I don’t think this is a problem with adobe, but how the gopro is stitching/exporting the video.

So there’s ways you can check the export from Fusion studio.

1: Try playing it with VLC player (this may work or may not work, it used to work for me, and it would play the 360 file and I could pan around and zoom in and out, however after a VLC update it now just seems to crash).

2: Download the GoPro VR Player and open your stitched file with that. You should be able to view the 360 file (it will look like an overcapture video) and you should be able to pan around, zoom etc. If it plays without any weird distortions or bad stitch lines, then that will let you know the file is ok.

If the stitched file is ok, then it’s most likely a problem with Adobe. So the questions then are are you using Adobe Premier Pro 2018 or 2019? Are you using the proper GoPro Reframe Pluggin (remember, the 2018 pluggin that was part of Fusion Studio 1.3 will not work with Adobe Premier Pro 2019).

Hopefully we can get this solved and get you working with 360 degree footage.

I tried a number of things to fix this and NOTHING is working. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything, tried the different versions of premiere and fusion studios, re-rendered everything, tried different plugins and I get the same results. When I input my clip into Adobe, everything looks great. Even when I play it. When I apply the reframe effect, it screws up. I’m hoping someone comes along that had a similar issue. Is it possible that I didn’t update the firmware before using the camera? That wouldn’t explain why it looks completely fine before reframe would it?

Screenshot 1: No Reframe applied. The clip looks great.

Issue #2: Reframe applied and you can see that it’s not splicing correctly or something.

It actually looks like you’ve exported an over capture clip rather than a 360 degree spherical video and are now trying to reframe a non 360 video.

The reason I suspect you’ve imported an overcapture video is because of two things.

1 When you import a 360 degree spherical video into Premier Pro without the reframe plugin being used, you should be seeing something like this:

What you are looking at there is the front of a car and towards the edges the rear of the car. With your video, providing it was a 360 degree video without the reframe plugin being uses, you should have been able to see the rider, the front wheel of the bike, the rear wheel of the bike and the surrounding area. Instead all we see is a close cropped frame of the rider.

2 The two examples you used are the same picture. If you compare what’s visible in the first shot and compare what’s trying to be used once the GoPro Reframe Plugin is applied, it’s still the same picture. Handlebars, white and red top etc. So it’s trying to reframe a shot that’s not a 360 degree shot and that’s your issue.

So provide screen shots of how you’re using GoPro Fusion Studio, step by step, or use OBS screen recorder and upload the file to Youtube, might be able to stop where you’re going wrong and solve the problem for you.

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