Google Street View: Tips for Success (Webinar)

Get tips from Google and Street View Trusted agency Miles Partnership on how to capture professional Google Street View content in this beginner 1-hour webinar.

• How to become a Google Street View Trusted photographer
• Tips on building a profitable Google Street View business
• How to get the best Google Street View content with Insta360 professional cameras
• An exclusive discount for attending

The Insta360 Institute series is designed to help you learn from experts and entrepreneurs in the 360 camera space.


• Stafford Marquardt is a Product Manager for Google Street View. He has been with Google since 2011, where he has also worked on several other products including Google My Maps and the Google Maps APIs. His work on Street View has included bringing Street View imagery to many new countries, collaborating with users and professionals to help them put their own communities on the map.

• C.A. Clark is Vice President of Digital Marketing with Miles Partnership. He has worked at Miles for 20 years in key marketing, creative and technology roles developing solutions for destination marketing organizations. An advocate of Google Street View, C.A. has led extensive capture projects in the USA, Bermuda, South Pacific and New Zealand.

• Michael Shabun is Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Insta360.

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