Google Street View -- software to upload "off-road" images

Hello everyone!

I need some help for an upcoming blog post with a working title “Software to upload your off-road photos/videos to Street View”.

The aim is to do a comparison to the MTP Uploader (, the focus being on outdoor imagery (not paved roads, not indoor shots, etc.).

To hand I can list:

What have I missed? Would anyone be up for helping me do a detailed breakdown on the pro’s / con’s of these tools to share with the community?

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Insta360 Stitcher is used to upload video from Insta360 Pro cameras. It is slow and takes forever. I also use 3D Vista for uploading photos. Pano2VR is another upload option for photos.

I can do a pro’s and con’s by end of this week if that meets your timing needs.

End of this week would be great @chelseabrian. Please do post them here. Appreciate it.

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Okay I started working on a draft document but thought it would be useful to hear from others more experienced … (@JimGayes360, @OmniSynThesis360VR,…) as well.

Please have a look and feel free to add to/edit this:

@JimGayes360 @OmniSynThesis360VR you’re only using the LapPano app to upload to GSV right now? I’d be keen to capture feedback about it in the doc @chelseabrian linked above:

I think it is not the best to put together in 1 document software and services that are for virtual tours together with software and services that are for mapping. The original Street View and Mapillary are for mapping. Virtual tours for businesses are a very different thing.

Hey @OmniSynThesis360VR – I believe you’ve misunderstood the ask. This is not about creating virtual tours per se. It is about first creating a collection of tools that can upload to Street View (and any pre-upload functions that might be useful)

Hi @dgreenwood-trekview, sounds like the other way around to me. TrekView is not about what is traditionally meant with a virtual tour, it is about photo mapping. Google Street View can be used for both, but its origins are with photo mapping roads. The way things seem to appear now, their ‘see inside’ business virtual tour push was a temporary one. Hence, I do not see it as useful, to the contrary, I see it as confusing, to include all tools that can upload to Google Street View, as the only interest here is to photo map roads and trails. Traditional virtual tour builders as 3DVista, Pano2VR, GoThru do not belong in this list, to my opinion.

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@OmniSynThesis360VR fair point.

I guess the other part of this exercise is to first figure out what exists as of today, and whittle it down into those that suit mapping best.

Of course, I’m biased, the Map the Paths Uploader would win every time :slight_smile:

My long-term money is on the MTP uploader :).

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