Google Street View follows Mapillary's lead

In short, now non-360 photos will be allowed on GSV.

What do you think about this new update?

I understand Google’s reasoning. It will work well for them to build their 3D model and keep it as up to date as possible. Will work well in build environment. Great for autonomous driving. 3D reconstruction in the natural environment is a lot more difficult, but maybe the SLAM tech will help there. Capturing this way is likely to produce a lot of crap too.

I think it’s a bad idea…

I’ve had a discussion on Mapillary that fits… quality over quantity…

There was one argument that makes sense for Mapillary, there can be quality in quantity…

But streetview has much appeal being all 360 and imagery of high quality… didn’t expect that they would make this step… a step backwards

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I do like the idea of being able to upload panos directly from the same app that took them originally - it makes the workflow easier and from my POV that can only be a good thing. It also means the app can process the panos and make them smaller in size, for example, before uploading. One thing I would like to do with OTV/OpenWanderer is develop such an app - the difficulty of course being the large number of cameras all with their own specification. Not sure which manufacturer has the most open standards, though looks like Ricoh provide quite a bit of info for developers.

However as Eesger says, StreetView is supposed to be a 360 product and mixing 360 and non-360 seems a bit messy and inconsistent. Would make more sense IMO for Google to launch a separate non-360 platform.

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