French user living in Germany

I am a French user living for a very long time in a German town where 1/2 century an little English town did exist (now definitively closed since not longer than 10 years ago, an English town where the street use were at the right side like usual on the continent :wink: (it was the military head quarter of the OTAN and the British Armee was the main and responsible actor): Mönchengladbach, sometimes als Munchengladbach named.

I use here my right identity, no bullshit pseudonym. Exactly like I did do, as I did learn and translate some pages into French and German, as I know both very well, from probably main site about the British American Scientific International Commercial English (BASIC English from C. K. Ogden and I. A Richard). I did never learn full English so you will have probably some difficulty to read me. This is because I did grown up in East for Paris and in the past France was divided into 4 parts for foreign languages at school: English in North and West, Spanish in South West, Italian in South East and German in East (in Paris, where there are more schools, the situation was more complex: so did my grand dad learn German, and he did get a wife descendant from English people living near Calais…).

I can myself only read some short English texts: the other ones have to be given to translate Google to help me :roll_eyes: (but I usually write long texts as I hope to be better understand if all details and reasons are known).

I and my wife are bicycle fans: we did drive 10 y. along 12x1100 km/y. = 13200 km/y all near to our residence. our children do more (our daughter and her man did drive from Germany to Sicily and around and back with bicycle. Our son is 40 y. old and did never have an own car although he is doctor and have the driver’s licence). Both was scout and guide at the English movements at the old English garrison of our town and speak really fluent and natural English, I not!).

As bicycle drivers, we meet daily divers difficulties. Germany is not really a friendly country for cyclism else they did begin to completely reform their point of view since 1998 (before this point, cyclists were not welcome on the street. Since 1999 is the legal place of cyclists on the streets! It was a radical change… But the reality continue to be contested until today. In the ranking of major cities of Germany, our town has the last place in the ranking (hm…). Directly in our town, Munchengladbach, I live at a street junction where the situation is in my opinion not legal and along the crossed street all other junctions are very dangerous. This was the begin of my interest for 360° photography!

I will document the places in my town causing hazards and abusing because of the continuing of the old grievances from 2d half of the 20th century because the laws actually in force are not fully implemented.

I find the 360° photography can help to change that.

I belong a poor man 360° camera from Maginon (Aldi North).

The definition is not exhilarating but probably enough and in all cases better than nothing (if one is not happy with the outcome, he can come and make better!)…

Problem is the software.

nothing to process the pictures (I am not interesting on videos at all: I will not document my treks but places with problems). The German law makes the finding of the true difficult and is absolutely not neutral. which arms can simply more: the victim have the charge to prove! so you would need editors to, for ex., neutralise certain proves like face of persons and cars etc. To do that correctly, you need to see your pictures correctly and need in my opinion some good 360viewer / editor. etc.

(I don’t use some smart phone or MS Windows but Linux, ReactOS, Android for PC)

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