Forced payment for importing metadata from Mapillary!?

Can understand that hosting imagery costs, but importing image keys and metadata from Mapillary into MTP database is not a serious hosting cost. I suggest that you make a distinction.

Hey @OmniSynThesis360VR

I’m only looking to break even. This is a side-project for me. I try and keep features free, but contributions really help me keep the project going.

Most of the required cost is not storage, in fact, storing a copy of the images is very cheap these days. The costs occur when serving images (which relies quite heavily on CPU).

Hopefully I’ll be able to get the app to a state where you’d be prepared to contribute :slight_smile:

Hey @dgreenwood-trekview, I feel that as contributors we already contribute value with the imagery and the enrichment of creating meta-tags, Tours and Guidebooks. Bit odd to me to have to pay for building your content, which in the end you intend to monetize on, if I understand your tiny print well. I do not see a straight forward advantage for us to contribute apart from the good cause to show-off nature and implicitly raise awareness that it needs to be preserved. Contrary to you, I am not earning from another job.

In this context I am also interested to know what is the difference between the TrekView and Map the Paths brands, the first having a not-for-profit .org domain and MTP having a commercial .com domain? It looks like TrekView has become an empty shell.

Hey @OmniSynThesis360VR – Trek View is the organisation (if you can call it that!), Map the Paths is just one of our products.

If I can get the project to a state where it generates any real money (more than a few $/mo), it is my full intention to run it as a non-profit. As you state my main goal is to raise environmental awareness and get people outdoors. I’d like any profits to go into initiatives around these aims.

Hey @dgreenwood-trekview ,

Anyway, still don’t get why those contributing value to your platform should pay to do so, as there is no advantage to them. I think you can have content users pay, not content contributors or enrichers. Maximizing contributions if not paid is like shooting in your own foot to me, as your platform will only be of interest if it has sufficient content.

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