Extracting a GPS track file from a 360 video file

I saw the post on extracting video metadata from 360 video. Very informative.

I want to use a GPS track with Google Earth and other tools to plot my route.

How can I go about extracting a GPS track from the video?

exiftool will do this for @lomulomu

ExifTool also has the ability to The -p option can be used to output files in variations of .gpx and .kml formats.

CLI input for GPX (most widely understood GPS track filetype):

$ exiftool -ee -p gpx.fmt VIDEO.mp4 > VIDEO.gpx

or KML (probably better for GMaps)

$ exiftool -ee -p kml.fmt VIDEO.mp4 > VIDEO.kml

This command includes the following arguments:

  • -ee: Extract embedded data from mp0 files (and others).
  • -p FMTFILE: Print output in specified format

Full reference here.

Make sure you reference the correct path to the fmt_file in the command.

Forgive me. I am new to exif tool and not that technical. I run your command but all I get is a file that contains lots of lines with kml.fmt .

You’re just missing the kml.fmt file. It must be in the current directory when you run your command.

Thank you! Works great now!

I tried this but I get the error:

Warning: End of processing at large atom (LargeFileSupport not enabled)

You need to enable largefilesupport using an exiftool .config file. Read this topic on the exiftool forum for more information.

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