Error: "Cannot read points data from the files."

Win 10, installed Map the Paths Uploader, under create sequence, select image folder: I get this error: “Cannot read points data from the files.”. Cam: Insta360 One X. These files were stitched using cams software and then imported into Adobe Lightroom where GPS info was added as the Insta360 One X puts all images at the location of the first image. I then exported the images the same way I’ve done for years to upload to GSV (and they are usually accepted). These are the images that get the error message. I tried just the first 10 images instead of all 258 of this very small tour of a local forest preserve trail and they get the same error. I uploaded the first image of the tour. Any help will be appreciated.

Hey @mikejbb,

Looking at the EXIF of the above image I see:

Color Model                    : RGB
DPI Height                     : 72
DPI Width                      : 72
Depth                          : 8
Pixel Height                   : 3040
Pixel Width                    : 6080

JFIF Properties
Density Unit                   : 1
JFIF Version                   : 1, 0, 1
X Density                      : 72
Y Density                      : 72

So my assumption is this is not the first. It is also a little surprising to see no time info. Maybe the forum has corrupted the file.

Can you send me a link to a GDrive folder with 4 images (inc. the geotagged first image)?

I uploaded the first 10 images of the tour:

In case it was Lightroom export that caused the error I tried to upload directly from the Insta360 Studio 2020 stitched jpg and received the same error.


Thanks, @mikejbb. I’ll dig into it this weekend. It is an issue with the Uploader. You’ve given me enough info to go on to debug and ship a fix. Will update when ready. Thanks!

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