Error: "Cannot read points data from the files."

Win 10, installed Map the Paths Uploader, under create sequence, select image folder: I get this error: “Cannot read points data from the files.”. Cam: Insta360 One X. These files were stitched using cams software and then imported into Adobe Lightroom where GPS info was added as the Insta360 One X puts all images at the location of the first image. I then exported the images the same way I’ve done for years to upload to GSV (and they are usually accepted). These are the images that get the error message. I tried just the first 10 images instead of all 258 of this very small tour of a local forest preserve trail and they get the same error. I uploaded the first image of the tour. Any help will be appreciated.

Hey @mikejbb,

Looking at the EXIF of the above image I see:

Color Model                    : RGB
DPI Height                     : 72
DPI Width                      : 72
Depth                          : 8
Pixel Height                   : 3040
Pixel Width                    : 6080

JFIF Properties
Density Unit                   : 1
JFIF Version                   : 1, 0, 1
X Density                      : 72
Y Density                      : 72

So my assumption is this is not the first. It is also a little surprising to see no time info. Maybe the forum has corrupted the file.

Can you send me a link to a GDrive folder with 4 images (inc. the geotagged first image)?

I uploaded the first 10 images of the tour:

In case it was Lightroom export that caused the error I tried to upload directly from the Insta360 Studio 2020 stitched jpg and received the same error.


Thanks, @mikejbb. I’ll dig into it this weekend. It is an issue with the Uploader. You’ve given me enough info to go on to debug and ship a fix. Will update when ready. Thanks!

Can I update the exif info of the images I’m trying to upload in some way, to get past the “Cannot read points data from the files.” error?


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Got the same problem here with files coming directly from a Labpano Era

If the image files are extracted from a GSV video using GSV2JPG the uploader works but not with “original” files - get he “Cannot read points…” error.
By the way - what does that error mean?? Does that mean no GPS info??

@kronpano – not quite. It means the app is not reading them correctly.

Can you send me the files to test @kronpano?

I am working on a fix for this (cc @mikejbb) my day job has got in the way over the past few weeks – sorry!

Expect to hear an update in the next 7 days.

Uploaded a file - not sure it will “arrive” as the original - or will it be resized and loose meta-data??
Not quite sure how else to send you a file

Yeah - damn day jobs eh - if they wouldn’t pay for the food on the table, the heating and anything else - who would need them :grin: :wink:
Don’t worry about a delay - work, family and friends come first.

@kronpano i bring a late Christmas present. I’ve just pushed a new update to the Uploader.

I’ve tested with all the images you sent across and can confirm it works with them.

Really looking forward to seeing your full snowy hike online :slight_smile:

THANKS! So far so good, I’ve uploaded 8 images to “Houses Grove Forest Preserve” in Minooka IL using the Uploader and all 8 are in my account and “Maps Approved” (links don’t show yet, too soon). They don’t show up on Google maps yet, but it’s also too soon, I’ll keep checking.

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