Elba island (Italy) - the whole outdoor paths net online on Google Maps

It’s a project done in 2018 in a small touristic island in Italy consist in to mapping all the outdoor roads and create a series of hikes suggestions for tourists.
Here you can find the TV news presentation of theproject (is in Italian, but subtitled) and here my presentation at Google Street View Summit 2018 in Mountain View about this capture.
At URL https://elbasmartexploring.com/suggeriti-da-noi/ you can find the website to choose your hike and send to your phone to follow Google Maps suggestions.

@KikoTrekView what were your top 5 favourite places to shoot on the island?

I’m in love with the drone shots…

I was so lucky, to have, included in the assignment, to cover, with the drone, all 197 beaches all around the island so visit each on them.

My personal chart is :
1 - Spiaggia della Sorgente - Link
2 - Sant’Andrea - Link
3 - Cala dei Frati - Link
4 - Spiaggia di Cavoli . Link
5 - Spiaggia del Cannello - Link

Thank you for sharing those video’s, interesting to watch!

I do have a question, the camera on top of your “walking rig” seems to sway a lot hence and forth, this is not a problem for the end result?

I’m so happy that you enjoy the video.
About the movement, if it’s quite regular, like the walking steps, the system easily fix the horizon later during the processing phase, have instead more problem on irregular movements, as, for instance, if you hit something on the ground.
The backpack in that video was the very first attempt to do this kind of capture, and I learned a lot to improve backpack and capturing techniques and last backpacks are more stable than this one.

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Is that the ‘insta360 Flowstate’? Or the google streetview system? Or a system of your own development?

It’s the Google’s one as is not possible to use Flowstate stabilization for SV exports.

Ah! I’m “playing around” with my recently bought “moza guru 360”.

I dislike the monopoly Google has in this field, and I dislike that FaceBook has bought Mapillary… the last one proves to me that we need a more opensource bases for things like this. Your efforts benefit your client… they pay for it… then you give it to Google and they make money out of it… I have problems with that… I don’t mind giving to the community, when the (whole) community benefits… that’s why I started working with the capabilities of the API of Mapillary… loved it (still do)… but privacy is an issue and both Google and Facebook seriously lack in that aspect… when we would be able to build the bases of a structure where one would be able to present 360 imagery and can interconnect… Lett’s see what gets built upon that!

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