Downloading your own images from Google Street View

A number of you have asked if it’s possible to sync Google Street View data with Map the Paths.

Whilst a direct sync (like is possible for Mapillary) is not possible due to limitations imposed by Google, it is possible to download images from Google to your computer, and the reupload to Map the Paths.

This is also useful if you’ve lost or want to backup your photos/videos that exist on Street View.

To download your own images and/or video from Google Street View:

  1. Go to Google Takeout:

  1. Make sure Street View is selected with a checkmark (you can export data from any Google service using takeout.

  1. Choose where/how you want the data to be delivered. Note, that if you’ve got a lot of content on Street View the resulting file could be very large

  1. You’ll then receive an email when your Street View image / photo files are ready for download and where to download them from. Depending on the size of the Street View data this process can take between hours and days.

  1. In the download are the files and Street View connection information in a .json doc.

The json doc contains connection information (what photos this one is connected to) for corresponding photo file of the same name. e.g. photo_CAoSLEFGMVFpcE5UejF0Q1kzNl9zV1IxZV9fekpZU.jpg -> meta_CAoSLEFGMVFpcE5UejF0Q1kzNl9zV1IxZV9fekpZU.json

Here’s what the json file looks like


Finally, a big thanks to @JimGayes360 who suggested this workflow!

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@JimGayes360 I know you have done many video upload to Street View (I only have photo uploads). Perhaps you could chime in on where the above output differs for video uploads?

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I’ve had to message the help this morning. I’ve twice over the weekend and again this morning, but all 3 attempts have failed.

Waiting for a reply.


Thanks @JimGayes360.

Maybe @OmniSynThesis360VR or @chelseabrian have some input?

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Hmm, I will make the takeout request and let you know.

I have though about this before and wonder if there are some values/patterns in the Google URLs that ID the sequence/photographer. Has anyone looked into this already?

Stay tuned.


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The takeout exports fail almost immediately. I’ve tried twice.

I did post my URL query to a few FB groups. Will share any results.

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When you say fail, can you share the output of what you see @chelseabrian?

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Ok ok, giving it a try too. Have requested a download url for the single pics I have left in my personal account.

Oeps, that is fast, getting an error email too. Reported to GSV 1-on-1 support.

@dgreenwood-trekview what did you ask for precisely to be successful?


@dgreenwood-trekview, it’s a me too with this failure to “takeout” my GSV imagery.

  1. Go to the page while logged into your account.

  2. Deselect all the preselected product options.

  3. Select GSV and tap confirm.

  4. Within a few minutes you receive 2 notification emails confirming your data takeout request.

  5. A few minutes later I receive another email with the following text -

Something went wrong and we couldn’t create a copy of your Google data. You can try to create a new export.
Try to create a new export

This message was sent to you because you recently used Google Takeout

I too have raised a support ticket, but not had a response yet.

I have 2 suspicions here based on patterns I’m seeing:

  1. This occurs for users who have uploaded video to GSV. Perhaps Google do not store the original upload, hence the error.
  2. This occurs for users who have a large amount of GSV content (>100GB // 50k photos).

Do both these conditions match your GSV accounts @chelseabrian @JimGayes360 @OmniSynThesis360VR?


Yes, I meet both your suggestions. Most of my captures are video uploads which currently equates to just over 1M published individual panos. No idea how much storage that lot takes up. Certain to be afew Kbytes worth.


  1. No, doesn’t look like it. As a parallel test, I have requested TakeOut from my business account too. I have started using that in October only. It has GSV video only. After days of processing, the result notification email arrived this morning. “We’ve finished creating a copy of the Google data you requested on January 28, 2021. However, we were unable to create a copy of all your files. You can still download your files until February 7, 2021, but please be aware that there will be data missing. Inside your export you will find an html file that will have more details about the errors.” It are 22 packets, most of them being 50 GB in size. I am not really up to downloading that and inspect. I have been using my personal account for Google Views / Street View for half a decade at least. In that time GSV went through several storage migrations. I have deleted all GSV from that account and so it holds photos only now, but TakeOut fails still.

  2. GSV app statistics says my personal account holds 2700 photos now. So, a no here too.

I have downloaded the first .zip, a 26 GB one. It includes photos as shown by @dgreenwood-trekview previously. Video sequences have are in folders in the same format. So, I presume those are the 3 meter distanced extracted photos. Folder names have huge gaps in their numbering sequence. That makes me suspect that such a TakeOut is extremely incomplete. The notification email did mention that, but its extend is reason to be shocked. As so often with Google, it doesn’t fall short of calling it a mess.

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