Distance based 360 camera

I think I read on Street View, photos should be 3 meters apart to get a blue line on Google Maps.

I know lots of cameras capture at 30 frames per second for video, or 1 second on timelapse.

Is there a camera that has a distance mode? Something like; capture on photo every 1 meter.

I’m not aware of one, and this is because it’s not really needed.

Shooting in video mode (lets say 30 frames per second) you’re going to have a lot of images.

30 per second, at 30 m/s (or 108 km/h) that’s one photo every meter.

You can do the processing of distance once the video has been captured. The Map the Paths Desktop Uploader allows you to do this.

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That has nothing to do with GSV video capture for blue line, unless you are using third party software to construct from individual photos. For individual photos to connect automatically, they should be WITHIN 3 meter distance outdoors and WITHIN 1 meter indoors.

For GSV video you best use a Street View certified camera that supports that function (e.g. from Labpano). Frames per second will be max 7 and GSV processing will pick frames from the video to position them with proper distancing. Works well only on roads and trails that are on Maps already. It is important to understand that special files containing a CAMM track will be created. Ordinary video files can only be used with a lot of own special processing and capturing a separate gpx file. As @dgreenwood-trekview already said, ordinary video is way too much with a 24 or 30 fps; an awful lot of date at a resolution at 8K, which you best aim for.

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