Crno Jezero (Black Lake) Trail, Durmitor National Park, Montenegro - Part 2

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A short section of rock steps.

Lake viewing point.

Steep rock steps.


Lets turn left here to head down to the narrow section between the lakes.


Arriving at the lake.

View from centre between the lakes at low water. Look behind at the other lake.

Not taken by me, but enjoy a mini tour of drone shots of this area.

If you carry on from here you will return to the first fork. We’ll turn round back up to the main path around the lakes.

Back on the main trail.

Arriving at a covered picnic site by the lake. Take a walk around it.

Nearly completed the full circuit.

Crossing a short board walk bridge.

Arriving at the Nacionalni restoran for some refreshments.

Fantastic modern fire.

Lunch for two!

Arriving back to where we started our circular trail of the lakes. Turn right to head back up to the car park.

Just nip to the loo before heading back…

A great half or full day trail. Mostly easy walking with the occasional exposed roots and rocky sections.
Lovely restaurant at the end serving local traditional food.

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