Creating point clouds from 360 photos

I was talking to a LiDaR equipment manufacturer yesterday about adding a LiDaR scanner to create ground level point clouds for my clients (usually forestry management companies).

After a bit of research, it seems you can already do this 360 images on their own without the need for an expensive scanner (like the example above I found on the internet). Which got me excited because it could be a new revenue stream for old captures.

Does anyone have any experience doing this? I’d be grateful for any software recommendations to get me started.


Dive into Structure from Motion (SfM) from Mapillary!

Take a look at:

I am working on a wiki for “OpenWanderer”, I’dd love to integrate this tech as a module, Since this tech also can improve geo-location of imagery!

so when you have figured it out, let us know :wink:

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@ajp88, sounds interrsting! Can you tell a bit more about what you do?

Great tip @Eesger!

Mapillary displayed point clouds a few years ago in the web app.

This post describes more about that (and how OpenSFM powers it):

If you’re technical, that post will get you started.

I’m hopeful point clouds might come back to the web app given their recent announcements:

Fingers crossed!

Only decade old experience with Microsoft Research’s Potosynth v1. It was killed off.

You may be interested in this too

There is something in my memory I have come across as an open source tool for creating point clouds, but I cannot find it.

You might enjoy my latest blog post @ajp88

A little self promotion, but check out the Free and Open Source OpenDroneMap (based on OpenSfM). You can take 360 camera images and make point clouds, ala:

More to come in this space.

I’d also recommend checking out , the team there are working on converting action cam footage to point clouds.

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