Correcting a blue line on Street View

Can I correct this?

Photo 1 is from my GSV profile page, the blue line is correct

Photo 2 is what the public can see on Google Maps, the blue line is wrong. Will i have to redo it.

Unfortunately, Google has a snap function that add the blue line on close paths. Therefore, even reshooting might not help.

I see this problem a lot on Street View for my hikes. I’m hoping the new “Draw new or missing roads on Maps” might help solve this by being able to add new paths that Google can snap to (Three new ways anyone can update Google Maps)


David’s answer is spot on. It’s Google’s snap function that causes these irregularities when the path is not actually marked on the map.

I’ve experienced far too many times myself and I know how frustrating it is.

The Maps editing tools are already available on a per country basis on mobile. At least the options do show in my Maps app on Android, but at some point it will tell me that it is not yet available in my location.

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