Climb the Zugspitze in 360

Have you ever considered travelling to a new city and spent time on Google Maps or searching for images of where you will be visiting so you can get your bearings before you arrive? We have!

The Google Street View team explores large cities and give all of us access to amazing 360 panoramic views of places we may be planning to visit. However, as you leave the larger cities it becomes harder to find the same level of detail.

ZUGSPITZE 360° decided to apply this same idea after spending time in the German Alps, and realizing that this would be a wonderful way to help plan a hike and climb. In this endeavor, we used 360° panoramic photography to share the climb up Germany’s tallest mountain to make this more accessible to any and all who are interested. As a bonus we have included detailed background information from several local experts on the route and advice for your climb too!

Also, there’s an accompanying Google blog that’s well worth a read…

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