Capturing sequences in the rain?

I have a GoPro Max (it is waterproof). Problem is; the rainwater gathers on the lenses, ruining the images.

Wondering if there are any wet-weather photographers out there? And how you deal with this problem? Calling fellow Brits!

Firstly, I stress this is untested. I am a fair weather person Brit.

But something like this on the lens could be a solution:

I’ve seen it work well on car windscreens (but again I stress, never a camera).

If you want to try it, I’d be keen to hear the results though!

@ajp88, @dgreenwood-trekview,

It might work on a camera lens, but I’d be concerned that any chemicals it contains might damage the lens coatings. Might be worth checking with the manufacturer first.

I have used RainX on motorcycle visors in the past and sometimes you’d get a kind of rainbow effect with bright light shining through.

You could do with some sort of air jet system, but would be complicated to make and rig up.

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