Caldy Valley Nature Park, Chester, Cheshire, UK - Part 3

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There are 2 main paths that cross the nature park in the North to South directions.

We’ll now take the Western path that connects Celandine Close in the South to Bramble Close to the North.

Starting from Celandine Close.

Straight on past the bench on the left and over the Caldy Brook bridge.

Straight on at the fork.

Under the canopy cover.

Up a slight incline to emerge in Bramble Close.

Taking the main North to South path starting in Daniell Way in the North connecting to Caldy Valley Road in the South.

Through the barrier.

Path with steps down to the pond on the right. We’ll carry straight on.

At the cross roads head straight on across the bridge over Caldy Brook.

The path meanders and starts to climb. Carry straight on.

And you soon arrive at the barriers on Caldy Valley Road.

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