Buying a camera for Street View Capture (April 2020)

Hello, I would like to buy a 360 camera for work.

The objective is to capture all the streets of the city mainly on foot, and then upload them to Google Street View.

I’m looking to spend no more than $1000, and don’t need a professional quality camera.

Having looked at the list of Google Approved Street View Cameras, I assume my choice is between the GoPro Fusion and the Ricoh V.

Or maybe someone has another recommendation? New to Street View photography so any help is great.


Bump. I’ve also been looking at the Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta S, YI 360 VR, Samsung Gear 360 and Insta360 One (X) after discovering they are all supported by the Google Street View app or a manufacturers own app

Which would you buy?

based on my experience, Insta360 One X has the best quality in the group of cameras you mentioned.

Hi @HappyMapper!

Take a look at this video, all these are within your budget (some come very close) and would be the best in terms of image quality.

Some of these cameras have some data limitations with regards to how much the camera can store / capture during one shoot.

The objective is to capture all the streets of the city mainly on foot,

How far are you planning on walking?

@HappyMapper Google Street View video started with the collaboration between Ricoh and GSV, using the Theta V and the GSV app. You can mount it on a helmet or cap. Works well without issues if you use a phone that has great GNSS (GPS and so) receiver and accelerometer. Next step up would be a Labpano Pilot camera.

We also use the Pilot Era , Its working always…no issues…blue line guaranteed

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@MapYourTown You seem to be having a better experience than me with your Era.
I too get a blue line, but often not accurately aligned with the map. It’s only ever reasonable with a nearly clear view of the sky which isn’t the environment I make captures in.
I also have exposure and dynamic range issues with the often very changeable lighting conditions here in the UK.

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