Anybody contributing to OpenStreetCam?

I just found OpenStreetCam.

Does anyone use this service? Seems a little out of date compared to Mapillary.

Just wanted to share my findings with the community.

I have tried it, technologically a bit poor. Also it starts with “open” but how open are they? It is owned by “Grab Taxi” (a “sort of Uber”). Why they bought it, what they do with the data… it’s all a big mistery… So there is the word “open”… but it doesn’t feel good… also because the development seems to have halted since “Grab” bought the thing…

For me it feels a bit like Mapillary and Facebook… The difference being that Mapillary has a very cool front-end :wink: I loved Mapillary, but since they were bought by Facebook I’m in divorce now :stuck_out_tongue:

For completeness I’ll mention G-Streetview also. They have managed to reach a very large audience, and have done a lot for “public awareness” of 360 imagery… but the whole damn thing is as closed as it gets, they only take… No API, no way to build your own thing and enhance the experience without giving away your data to Google… me not like.

In essence this is exactly why I am starting with “Open Wanderer”. I am starting out with @nickw to create an opensource platform for 360 imagery. So not just the word, open… as in open source. The idea is to create software building blocks in a scalable and independent manner so that a global structure arises that will be able (but not mandatory) to communicate with others using the same structure, creating a distributed global coverage of the earth. Is such way where ownership of imagery and data will be secured…

But I’m jumping the gun a bit… I’ve got it all in my head and have told several people about the concept… Nick is “aboard” and is already contributing and together we have made the first steps… I’ll need to work it all out more into writing into a wiki. That will be visible on

We’re having some talk on
If this is like music in your ears and want to help… let us know!

Will tell more later :wink:

As Eesger says, OpenStreetCam does not seem to be completely open (any more). If you look at their github repo, the first couple of commits were done in the Telenav days and do appear to contain a completely open source application, there’s both client and server side code in there and database interaction. (There may even be useful code in here for OpenWanderer - not sure - haven’t examined in detail!)

However the latest commit appears to be client-side only. Had a good look in there but could not see any server side component at all.

So OSC these days Ifrom my reading of the code) appears to be open-source frontend, closed-source backend.

I don’t but there are some Mapillary users that seem to be migrating or creating a copy of their data on OSC.



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