Any luck with Chinese GoPro knock-offs?

Hello there,

There are a lot of somewhat cheap chinese GoPro knock-offs around there, so has anybody tried any of them and could give some feedback on the camera tested ?

I’ve stumbled upon the Soocoo S200 for example which seems to be a fair deal. I especially like the external GPS, that lets you put the GPS receiver on a spot where it will have a clear line of sight.

So is anyone using that type of camera and has recommendations or feedback on how fit it is to use for mapping (Mapillary)?

I think the story wil be comparable with my YI360:

  1. nice price, specs nice too
  2. software: moderate at best
  3. compatibility with new versions: slow if at all
  4. support: crap

And when discontinued, so within a probable relative short amount of time you end up with a relatively cheap piece of hardware with nice specs with limited usability…

PS: my YI360 works, after over half a year of waiting (and complaining) it works again with my iPhone… now they have discontinued it… so you can guess what the future willbring…

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