An interesting analysis of images submitted to Mapillary by camera type

Hi all,

Just found this on Github…

The table shows a count of photos by the camera that took them (with links to sample photos – very useful to sample image quality).

Hope it’s useful!

The sample files are indeed useful, however be careful with this list.

Black Vue dashcams top the list (which I would expect) but the list seems to be lacking popular 360 cameras. I appreciate the data is from Jan 2020, but I don’t see any Insta360 or LabPano cameras which makes me suspicious.

Maybe they are incorrectly classified by Mapillary due to no/incorrect EXIF recognition, but I know for a fact photos taken by these cameras are on Mapillary.

And on closer inspection, my suspicions are validated.

See this post on the Mapillary forum:

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