All day recording on a GoPro MAX?

I’m planning a free-diving trip to I purchased a GoPro MAX to record a 360° shot all day long from within my boat. As i’ve now just learned, the MAX doesn’t support loop mode recording.

Plan B.

If I was to use external power and a 1TB SD card, could my MAX record for 6-8 hours non stop? Or will it melt?

Open to other methods of recording non stop all day with a 360° shot.

Hi @cannondale,

You can use the USB-C cable that came with your camera to shoot videos and photos while your camera is plugged into a USB charging power-pack. This is perfect for capturing long videos and time-lapse events.

Even though your camera is charging, the battery will not charge during recording. It will start charging when you stop recording. You cannot record while plugged into a computer.

Heads Up: Because the door is open, your camera is not waterproof when charging.

Additionally, the maximum SD card capacity that you can use with the MAX camera is 256GB. For reference, see this list of recommended microSD cards for GoPro cameras.

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