A 360 OpenStreetMap editor

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a project with you, a 360 OpenStreetMap editor.

The concept is similar to the iD editor, but instead of using traditional flat imagery it uses 360 panoramic photos as a background layer.


I am in contact with Svimik who applied for the above microgrant to fund the project and will invite him to comment on this post to expand further on his own vision.

I am reaching out to you in the community to see if there is an appetite for such an OSM editor and if so, what the killer features would be.


The wiki page is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

There’s a live demo available, too:
(it doesn’t do editing right now, but you can jump between images and also click on nodes and ways to see the OSM metadata)

The only caveat is that it requires 360 images only, and has high position and heading accuracy requirements, though the latter can be improved by algorithms like OpenSfM in post-processing.

Right now there’s no Mapillary intergation - I just drop photos into the server folder for demonstration purposes. Mapillary integration is something that has to be done if we decide to make an actual product.

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@SviMik, @dgreenwood-trekview

I am not much of an OSM editor myself, I think, but the proposal raises questions with me. Mapillary does not have much spherical imagery yet, but would like to have more. I have captured such for main routes on the island country of Curaçao and used them with iD. Mapillary is already integrated with OSM iD, its JSOM editor and other pro GIS tools. What would be the advantage of having yet another editor and image hosting platform? Why not feed to the iD team the ideas if another take at Mapillary integration is needed?

Instead of the Qoocam, why not have a Labpano Pilot One EE camera integrating both GNSS and IMU sensors, capture Google Maps Street View special video and extract the needed frames for Mapillary upload with GSV2JPG by Dean Zwikel. It is a capture ones and upload to both.

It’s still a lot, and can become more if there will be a clear advantage in using them.

The last time I checked it was like “you can look at the photo on your left, and try to draw what you see on the right”. Barely usable.

I’m not aware of editors that have a view other than ‘top’, so it’s a completely different concept. The closest thing is Deriviste, but it can only add POIs (not lines/polygons) and cannot not edit existing features, so it’s not an editor (and its author doesn’t seem to plan to make it a real thing). Still pretty fun: http://svimik.com/deriviste.mp4 (and really close to what I’m doing, even though I started developing my editor without knowing about Deriviste).

I tried to feed them several things in past. Minor things, mostly problems with the way it handles tags and imagery sources. Two issues were closed with comments blocked (blocking comments in GitHub community is completely unheard of), other issues ended with “won’t do it”. Couldn’t even make them add projections other than WGS84. Heck, I couldn’t even make them add Esri as default imagery for Estonia! Because it’s a global layer, and they find it too difficult to set different priorities for different countries! And you want to feed them something that radical? I wish you good luck.

Why not have 1 249,00 $ camera instead of €599 one? Well, from my perspective >1000 $ cameras usually go for commercial things, while €599 is something kinda affordable for personal use and hobby. May be different for other people, of course, but that’s how it is for me.

Also, does that Labpano have RTK receiver? Because I have RTK connected to my Qoocam, so switching to integrated receiver, even with IMU, may actually be a downgrade.

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