3D Reconstruction from 360 degree camers

Hi All,

I have chatted a bit previously about ODM360, a FOSS 360 camera in the works at https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/ODM360, and discussed a little the use of 360 cameras for 3D reconstruction.

OpenDroneMap 2.1.0 just got released and it’s orders of magnitudes better than 2.0.0 (which makes me wonder a little about our numbering conventions, but anyway):

What I wanted to post here however updated 360 camera reconstructions. This isn’t yet with ODM360 but with a recent Garmin. Quality will improve orders of magnitude when ODM360 is live as hardware (next week?):

This is super cool @smathermather . Any plans on a technical write up? It would be great to hear more about the input (videos/photos) required to get such an output.

Yes, forthcoming for sure: we’ll have some tutorials on how to do this. With 2.1.0, we can do this with a lot less data, so it makes sense now to document how.

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